Category: Waterworks

Spawn Fail: the Ocean

Posted by Admin on 21 October, 2011

Maybe there’s something glitchy with spawn points in later versions of Minecraft or Notch and the boys are just being dicks, but spawning in the middle of a damn ocean really adds another level of difficulty to the game.

Land overview with farms, portal, trap and house

Posted by Admin on 31 August, 2011

This is a view from the top of the beacon tower in the multi-player survival world that I’m playing with my sister. The central grassy area was manually terraformed; it used to be just sand. Nearest to us you can see a tiny wheat farm and to the right that stone structure houses the gate […]

Aqueduct delivers natural mineral water to the town

Posted by Admin on 27 August, 2011

From the mountains just outside of town I’ve constructed an aqueduct that leads out and toward the tower. The water doesn’t actually flow aside from the part where it comes down from the first section to the second section. The purpose of this is to create some large structures with preferably some arches to offset […]

Stupid squid caught in my mob trap

Posted by Admin on 27 August, 2011

I have a couple of drowning traps set up to get loot from wandering skeletons, zombies and creepers but this time it look like a squid has managed to get caught in my trap. Obviously he couldn’t have fallen in from the top, he’s unfortunately just spawned right there and now he’s suffocating.

3 different mobs caught in a trap

Posted by Admin on 25 August, 2011

This is one of the surface drowning traps I’ve built in my single player survival world. It looks like this morning I’ve caught a nice variation of bad guys! There is a creeper, a zombie and a skeleton in the trap and soon they’ll give up swimming and drown. The texture pack I’m using here […]

Two-stage surface mob trap

Posted by Admin on 24 August, 2011

Here is a drowning trap for mobs built on a mountain side. It’s a simple concept where a flow of water leads creepers, skeletons and zombies into a drowning trap which lets loot flow out of the bottom after they die. The difference is there are 2 of these traps in sequence for a large […]

Surface level creature drowning trap

Posted by Admin on 17 August, 2011

In my survival games I haven’t found any dungeons yet so I’ve decided to make myself a surface creature trap. The way it works is there’s a flow of water across the top of the hill leading into an enclosed waterfall with only a single block high gap at the bottom. Creatures fall in and […]