Category: Indoors

Spider in the Window

Posted by Admin on 20 December, 2011

I thought this was kinda funny. Spiders like to camp out in window sills in real life to catch mosquitoes and other bugs, but when this happens in Minecraft you are the prey and the spider takes up nearly the entire window.

Farming and Cooking at Headquarters

Posted by Admin on 19 December, 2011

Here you some of the routine operations in the main base of the Super Coop Team (name still under review) headquarters. The farm is being looked after by Nathalie and the stoves are working hard to turn all the iron ore into ingots for a large mine cart track project coming up.

Creeper on the Roof!

Posted by Admin on 19 October, 2011

This creeper is not going to let Darryl get out there safely. While he distracts the creeper, a third member of our team is sneaking around the outside to surprise that creeper. Sadly this creeper is not the first one to bother us here and far from the last!

Colorful interior decorating with wool

Posted by Admin on 2 September, 2011

This is the house that my sister and I work out of in our multi-player survival world. She made the remark that cobble and smooth stone is quite dull and even with a few paintings on the wall she was quite right. So we embarked on a project to liven up the place a little […]

Going for effeciency in room layout

Posted by Admin on 19 August, 2011

In the interior of our main base in the multi-player survival world that I’m playing with my sister I’ve put in some thought before placing chests and furnaces. Usually it’s done in a willy-nilly fashion but now we keep a lot of it inside the floor and partly inside the walls to conserve space. This […]