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Farming and Cooking at Headquarters

Posted by Admin on 19 December, 2011

Here you some of the routine operations in the main base of the Super Coop Team (name still under review) headquarters. The farm is being looked after by Nathalie and the stoves are working hard to turn all the iron ore into ingots for a large mine cart track project coming up.

They are all coming for me!

Posted by Admin on 24 October, 2011

There’s a zombie… oh and 3 creepers.. and a skeleton in the distance. The bright side is the skeleton hasn’t noticed me yet. This was quite a risky screenshot to take with so much death and destruction closing in on me. It’s kind of a “where’s your god, now?” moment.

Aqueduct delivers natural mineral water to the town

Posted by Admin on 27 August, 2011

From the mountains just outside of town I’ve constructed an aqueduct that leads out and toward the tower. The water doesn’t actually flow aside from the part where it comes down from the first section to the second section. The purpose of this is to create some large structures with preferably some arches to offset […]

The beginning of an ambitious mining project

Posted by Admin on 27 August, 2011

What you see here is my latest endevour, to dig a mine shaft down to bedrock. Unlike my previous mine shafts this one is 21 by 21 blocks across. It takes about 1 iron pickaxe and nearly 1 Minecraft day to go down one block. Then it’s a quick run back to base to unload […]