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Spider in the Window

Posted by Admin on 20 December, 2011

I thought this was kinda funny. Spiders like to camp out in window sills in real life to catch mosquitoes and other bugs, but when this happens in Minecraft you are the prey and the spider takes up nearly the entire window.

Mob Spawn Chamber with Death Drop

Posted by Admin on 2 November, 2011

This is one of my latest creations in my survival world. At the very top is a dark chamber which allows mobs to spawn. They are then pushed towards a hole in the center by water flows. When they fall through that hole they drop down to their death where I can then go and […]

Collecting a Wool Block of Each Color

Posted by Admin on 25 October, 2011

It’s like a little mini-challenge or side-quest that you can do in most Minecraft games. The goal is to collect each of the 16 available colors of dye that are available in the game and put them on display as you see here. There are varying difficulties or versions of this quest concerning things like […]