Category: Landscape

New Moon Behind Pumpkin Sombrero

Posted by Admin on 22 December, 2011

There are multiple levels of cool represented in this screenshot. Most prominent is probably the sombrero jack-o-lantern made with a glowing pumpkin inside of a giant mushroom. There is also the new moon in the background. This is one of the later additions to Minecraft: moon phases.

World Split

Posted by Admin on 19 October, 2011

The world generation algorithms have changed from before version 1.8 until now and not a single f**k was given about the transition between the terrain generated in older versions of Minecraft and the new terrains. Previously unloaded chunks will end abruptly causing visual mind stabs like seen here in the screenshots.

Rivers in Minecraft Landscape

Posted by Admin on 13 September, 2011

Along side grandiose mountains, cliffs and ravines you’ll also find rivers snaking their way through the Minecraft landscape. At the moment, rivers do not actually flow, but they are a very pleasing feature in terms of appearance and they help making the landscape more realistic.